About Us

We are passionate about helping people live purposeful lives. Everything we do is based on the science of meaning and purpose. Empirical evidence and studies show that having a purpose in life creates happiness, psychological health, and has positive outcomes for physical health – it protects against heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and is a predictor of longevity. Our products have all been tested using the scientific method of randomized control experiments to ascertain that there is a proven causal effect between the use of our product and an increase in purpose and happiness.

Purposes Inc. was founded by Levi Brackman, a successful social entrepreneur, bestselling author and social scientist who created this purpose discovery coaching process and designed the online tool based on his experience helping people find their purpose in life as well as the science of purpose and meaning.

Our flagship product is Next Stage Purpose, a web-based, scalable tool that is scientifically proven to increase purpose and happiness. Next Stage Purpose incorporates all the elements that empirical research shows fosters purpose in life.

In addition to the online purpose discovery app. Purposes Inc. also offers one-on-one coaching opportunities in purpose discovery. Coaching certification and training is also offered for professionals in the fields of coaching, career counseling, financial planning and psychology who would like become certified as a Next Stage Purpose coach.