Levi Brackman

Levi Brackman is founder, president and CEO of Purposes Inc. he moonlights as a rabbi (with his own synagogue) and has a passion for helping people better themselves and become purposeful. He is also the founder of Youth Directions. He is a bestselling author and for fun he writes opinions pieces for the Denver Post, Ynetnews.com and various other online and imprint publications.

Levi has a Masters degree from University College London and is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education under the supervision of Professor Herbert Marsh. Next Stage Purpose and its efficacy as a purpose fostering tool as well as that of the Purpose Navigator curriculum for youth is the main focus of his research. He is therefore involved in all areas of scientific research for Purposes Inc.

His other academic interests include researching complex (and controversial) aspects of Talmudic law and Jewish history. He is the father of three boys and one girl with another on the way.